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Natural toads, patent brand

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Natural toads, patent brand


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Haining leading cabinet 2 institute of terrestrial reptiles to acquisition of toad, is to use the patent technology developed by acquisition in the natural environment of natural pure toad cutin membrane, is a kind of therapeutic regeneration Chinese herbal medicine resources, called "toad treasure" in compendium of materia medica, toad has anti-cancer swelling and righting thrift, crucial break stasis effect, is really rare traditional Chinese medicine raw materials. Toad in the natural environment more late-night molting, shedding while eating, shedding finished eating, it is hard to see the toad shedding of skin, have medical sage zhang zhongjing says "toads are picked up and clothed now, he has." For thousands of years, people can only know the toad shedding clothes, but could not pick up the toad clothing.

Toad strip is a normal physiological phenomenon, and a lack of food when strip feeding self-preservation phenomenon to sustain life. As pure natural toads clothing's magical reputation in society, in recent years to raise toad in garment industry expands unceasingly, social influence, toad garment consumption increasing, raise toads in garment industry has become a low cost, low risk of green ecological circulation industry. My research production of pure natural hormone toad clothing does not use any drugs, do not need artificial guards, all-weather, day and night, every day can carry hundreds of toad clothing. I supply unit of toad is through testing and clinical trials, please feel free to take it.


Toad clothing after the toad's shedding, and then made into a complete toad clothing samples, dry again after high temperature disinfection, after can be used as a medicine. A toad garments of high quality standard is: quality is better, four claw is complete without damage without holes, colour and lustre is natural harmony, no oil, no noise, slightly crisp fragrance, no grease or other peculiar smell, uniform thickness, soft and comfortable, as thin as cicada translucent, see light spots, soak into the water without impurities.

Toad clothing of the scope of application: a detoxification, swelling, pain, strong heart diuresis, anti-cancer, anesthesia, and anti radiation etc, can treat heart CuiXie, stomatitis, faucitis, sore throats, various cancers, etc.


Toad clothing attending object: esophageal cancer, liver cancer, gastric cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer, cervical cancer, breast cancer, non-hodgkin's lymphoma, pancreatic cancer, colon cancer, rectal cancer, esophageal cancer, esophageal cancer and bile duct cancer, brain cancer, ovarian cancer, oral cancer, leukemia, larynx, tongue cancer, skin cancer, prostate cancer, thyroid cancer, bone cancer, gallbladder, kidney, penile cancer, testicular cancer, bladder cancer, cardia cancer and other cancers. The clinical effectiveness of more than 95%, a course of treatment can reduce lesions.


Or is radiation and chemotherapy after operation: the pain caused by adverse reaction and complications, poor system, low immunity, etc. Synergistic treatment, can significantly reduce the pain of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

Can't accept surgery, radiation and chemotherapy: because the tumor is in the important position, or into the late or old constitution is poorer, and other reasons can only take Chinese traditional medicine treatment. Eliminate cancer treatment can significantly reduce or stable lesions, improve the quality of life, improve the survival rate.


Recurrence of cancer spread: for the first time after treatment again tolerate surgery, radiation and chemotherapy ability is poor. Eliminate cancer treatment can significantly smaller lesions, forced inhibit tumor cell proliferation. Obviously relieve the clinical symptoms.


Rehabilitation patients: after a period of time after treatment condition is stable or began to recover, but still have the possibility of recurrence. Prevent a relapse, can kill residual cancer cells and improve the body immunity, prevent the recurrence of cancer.



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